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This is the instruction for the latest version of GEVEY Ultra CDMA. This time it doesn’t need a jailbreak to the iPhone anymore. We have combined GEVEY Ultra GSM and GEVEY Ultra CDMA together. For using on an iPhone 4S CDMA, you need to download the furiousMod(PC) auto-configuration program to setup the iPhone 4S CDMA. For using on an iPhone 4S GSM, click here. Before we start unlocking the iPhone, please use ReSET SIM card to select the iPhone’s original carrier. (Click here for instructions)


Download furiousMod and click to continue. During the installation process, you will be asked to install all the following programs, FuriousMod, MSXML 4.0 SP2 and Soap Tookit 3.0.

Click ‘next’ to continue,

Installing MSXML

 Installing Soap Tookit 3.0, click ‘yes’ to continue. 

Click ‘next’ to finish. 



Run furiousMod as showing above. 

Run furiousMod, connect iPhone 4S CDMA to your computer, enter the serial code and then click avtivate.

Just wait until you see the following screen and then you’ve done. Restart your iPhone and you are unlocked.